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FBR was invited to pay a return visit to the 14500TEU “COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro”

FBR was invited to pay a return visit to the 14500TEU “COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro”


On August 15 2019, the general manager of our company, and sales engineer, were invited to Tianjin Binhai Container Terminal to pay a return visit to the “COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro”.

The rope plays a vital role in the mooring operation of the wharf. As now the ships are being built more and more big, the tugboat is needed to assist the mooring operation in the process of berthing.When “COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro" calls at the Port of Jeddah, the following problems comes up:

1. The ship needs tugboats to assist in berthing.

2. In the process of berthing, when the sea conditions are poor or the tugboat pushes fast, only the bow of the ship has a side thruster to brake, and the stern of the ship may directly hit the dock, causing a safety accident.So the process of berthing must use the auxiliary brake of tug pair ship.

3. The tugboat in the port is not equipped with towlines, so the berthing vessel needs to prepare towlines by itself.

4. As the harbour basin of the port is limited, the tugboat has very little wiggle room. Due to the special position and form of bollard for towing on the container ship, the port has a particularly high requirement for the towing ropes.

“COSCO Shipping Kilimanjaro” was a new ship delivered in Hudong Zhonghua in 2017. FBR provided the ropes for matching the new ship, the crew was very satisfied with the use of the ropes.

In order to carry out and implement the business philosophy of "helping users achieve full life cycle cost control and safety protection", FBR has established and provided professional "pre-sale consultation", "in-sale support" and "after-sales service" for high-quality customers for a long time.

We sincerely thank COSCO shipping for giving us the valuable learning and practice opportunity. We will continue to strengthen exchanges in the future to jointly promote shipping safety.

FBR has always been committed to "help users achieve full life cycle cost control and security" . SAFE MORE SAVE MORE.